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May 27, 2012

Mitt Romney pledges to create as many as jobs as economists estimate we'll create without him. Chris Chritie embodies the Republican Party's defning trait: hypocrisy. Plus, a new Stabby Five theme song!

May 12, 2012

Traci Olsen honors President Obama's historic statement with an all gay marriage reaction Stabby Five. Plus, why the right won't benefit from any backlash, why the left shouldn't take this as reason to plot more confrontations with the President, and how this is the latest example of the President's nuanced vision...

May 5, 2012

Will Romney be forced to pull a "Sister Souljah" or is he committed to non-stop pandering to all comers? Will the wingnut right blow it for Romney in the swing states? And how conservatives write letters to the editor. With Traci Olsen and the Stabby Five.